Using API

Our API is really easy to use. All you need is to send a http request.

Request{User ID}&key={API key}&mail={MAIL}

10  }}

Result Description
status Mail status id: 1 – deliverable, 2 – risky, 3 – undeliverable.
statusName Name for status id: deliverable, risky, undeliverable.
mail Use this adress for send mail and other. It’s check some errors.
If you check email ““, value “mail” will be contains ““.
syntax Is email have correct syntax (“1” – correct syntax, “0” – incorrect syntax).
isMx Is email domine have MX record in DNS records (“1” – have MX record, “0” – don’t have MX record).
role Is email name have a role. Example: support, info, noreply, etc. (“1” – role, “0” – not role).
free Is free email hosting. Example:,,, etc. (“1” – free, “0” – corporate email).
disposable Is disposable email. (“1” – disposable, “0” – not disposable).


Example error ansver:

   "message":"MAIL is missing.",

Errors list

Error id Description
1 KEY is missing
2 AID is missing
3 MAIL is missing
4 KEY is not valid
5 You don’t have checks. Check your balance.