leo@gmai.com is not real.
A misspelled email is a missed customer and a fake email is a real problem.
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Core Features
We help to verify emails fast and effortlessly
Emails Deduplication

Get rid of the duplicate email and present only unique addresses

MX Records

Validates MX records on existence for every mail address on the list

Syntax Verifier

Fully cleans your verify list from addresses with syntax errors

SMTP Connection

Checks SMTP: connect to SMTP servers and simulate sending of an email message

Mailbox Error

Flags emails outputting different mailbox errors including messages like Mailbox full

Domain Validation

Marks all the emails containing inactive or invalid domains

Cleaning your email is as easy as drag & drop
How does Verifyre actually work? Find out in our demo video.

Use Verifyre Email List Verification to remove invalid, undeliverable addresses before you send. Because a message only matters if it’s delivered. Get awesome and powerful tool to enhance your verification list deliverability.

Stop sending your money to nowhere

A fake email is not just a lost opportunity, it’s a financial liability. The minimum value of an email to any company is $10, and at least 15% of all email addresses collected are invalid. Unverified emails do more than take up space: they also incur storage costs with CRM solutions, Databases, and Marketing Platforms, which ends up costing companies billions of dollars each year.

  • Reliable and Secure Platform
  • Protect Servers Reputation
  • 96.7% Deliverability
Smart campaigns start with real email addresses
Verifyre knows what's real and what is not

Drag. Drop. Deliver.

Email list verification will reduce your bounce rate by up to 98%. Just drag & drop your email list into our app, or import directly from your marketing platform. We scan the list, show your total records and cost, and at the click of a button you’re on your way to a cleaner list.

After email verification is completed, you can download your clean list, or automatically unsubscribe invalid and risky emails from your marketing campaigns.

Affordable Packages
If your app is premium, use this section to list all of your pricing packages.


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